Salford Shopping CityHi David

I’ve made the changes you requested below on the 2016/17 model for business.

John, Vicci
FYI, as discussed. There’s no functional impact on the model from these changes.
And, having made them, the sheet does look better. You might want to make the changes to the other school models as and when you next have need to work with them.



From: Singer David
Sent: 29 October 2015 17:20
To: Taylor Geoff
Subject: Student number spreadsheet adjustments

Dear Geoff

Here is the note of the things we talked about in the Admissions tab:

  • Filter – should be filtering from line 8 not line 6
  •   Wrap text in line 8 so that columns can be narrowed without losing sight of what they are.
  • •    Hide column D; set A1 = D9 and format bold/bigger/coloured; move text on lines 3 & 4 to another column
  • •    Narrow column C to save overall width
  • •    Show columns E, F, G, M
  • •    Add subtotals under Year/Column totals; consider relabelling to indicate what is the total of what you can see and what is the total for the whole school (including hidden rows

I think that will deal with most of David Lavender’s difficulties.


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